Smart Money für Startups


Smart money for Startups

Join our webinar and learn how to navigate the funding landscape without jeopardizing future opportunities for follow-on funding. Gain valuable insights on what truly matters in a successful funding round.

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Unlock the Path to a Successful Financing Round in 5 Steps

Securing an investor who not only provides capital but also possesses the desired know-how and network for your startup can be challenging. With our optimal strategy, we aim to guide you in finding the necessary resources to fuel your startup’s growth.

In our upcoming webinar, you can expect:

Geschäftsfrau zeigt auf Wachstum und hat Stapel an Münzen neben sich

About the Speaker

Ralph Pöttinger, LL.M. (NIS), is Managing Director at the institutional investor Alpine Group. As a portfolio manager, he was responsible for investments with a fully consolidated workforce of around 5000 employees and € 1 billion in annual revenues even before his 30th birthday. He is currently working on the largest startup transaction in Austria. In addition, he acts as a consultant, author and speaker on value-enhancing corporate development.

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Gain a crucial edge for your next financing round. Please note the webinar is held in German.